Chris Dana

Chris Dana, Channel Advancement Manager for Vermeer Corporation, a global industrial and agricultural equipment manufacturer, supports businesses all over the world that are looking for ways to be more efficient in how they manage their operations.  In his role, Chris meets regularly with business owners & key leaders that are looking for ways to drive cost out of their business, with the intention that those dollars (or euros, yen, krones, etc) will be used to fund growth initiatives that further enable Vermeer to capture worldwide market share.  With more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing, distribution and small business management, Chris approaches every challenge with a “we” mentality. Chris recognizes the value of data, specifically data points that can be shared and compared across business entities.

Vermeer uses a lean philosophy to drive wasteful activities out of their business, producing a high-quality product for their customers faster than ever before. The idea of lean isn’t limited to a factory line, it applies to all industries: manufacturing, education, healthcare and yes…even remodeling.

Outside work, Chris and his wife Andrea, a Senior Human Resource Business Manager for Pella Corporation, make their home in Pella, Iowa, with their two children, Anderson, 5, and Leilani, 2, both of whom have great stories as to how their parents landed on their names.





Channel Advancement Manager, Vermeer Corporation

Promoting and supporting Continuous Improvement activities that help further develop the lean culture within the Vermeer team.


Operational Efficiencies Specialist, Pella Sales

Consultant for Pella’s sales branches in the US and Canada. Focused on helping independently managed businesses generate savings that can be applied towards marketing and sales growth.



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